10 Of The Best Songs For When Your Heart Gets Broken

Thought Catalog

Music can be cathartic for numerous reasons. Creating it can be a release of artistic tendencies, or something that keeps you from punching a hole through your wall. The same can be said for listening — it is good for you. Personally, what I use music to do is channel all the sad-gay-boy-feelings I have into words I may not have been able to articulate as well. Pack up all your exes things in a box and blast this playlist–tears don’t dry on their own, but these songs will help.

 Since U Been Gone

Who said breakups necessarily have to be a bad thing? Debatably the queen of “fuck-you” pop songs, Kelly Clarkson has been dominating the charts since before I discovered internet porn. This song is the least subtle middle finger to an ex and an infectious ear-worm. You’ll be dancing around your room burning pictures in an empowering…

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